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:: The wait is over. The album "StripTease" is complete.
Be on the lookout!

You won't want to miss it; it is going to feature some of the hottest Hip-Hop artists out there! The album features Sen Dog of Cypess Hill, Magic Of NB Ridaz,ODM, Mellow Man Ace, Monteloco,
Latin Froz, Cuete, KemoTheBlaxican, and Insane Mixaken just to name a few.
More to come so be sure to check back for updates.

:: Be sure to check out the Digital Store to download new music.

:: Eriq is currently available to do production work. Email for details.

:: Eriq is currently going to be featured on Fox and My UPN shows. Be sure to check it out.

:: Request Eriq's video's StripTease "Distorted", "Here With Me Tonight" and "Vagos Vibe" on MTV, LATV, MUN 2 and any other of your favorite music video channels.
Then Tune in and watch your favorite video's.

:: Be sure to check out Eriq on IFILM.

:: Eriq will be hitting the road promoting his new album "StripTease".

:: Eriq is currently setting up show dates around the country. Be sure to check back and see what cities he'll be at next!

:: Be Sure to REQUEST Eriq on your favorite radio station!
Change The Way You Listen To Music!

:: Remember to request any song's done by Eriq at your Local Radio Station. "Change the way you Listen To Music".

:: To find out how to get Eriq's album in a store near you, contact us or BCD Music Group.

:: Eriq is now gaining worldwide recognition. His music is now being played and requested in Japan & Europe. Check out his link in Germany.

:: If your favorite music store doesn't have any of Eriq's Albumís ask them to order it, or just buy it online!

:: Eriq is currently producing many new artists !!!
Be On The Look Out!